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Maxx Grey Creations

Mandalorian Beskar shoulders with Mudhorn symbol

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Disclosure: this is not an official Disney or Star Wars product, but only a replica for sale for cosplay and collectibles. This is a fan-made representation and in no way affiliated or licensed by either of the two. THIS LISTING IS FOR THE MANDALORIAN BESKAR SHOULDERS ONLY (2 shoulders, right and left). Beskar shoulders, gunmetal color. (I will work with you on colors of your choice). Top of the shoulder has a strap with a loop so you can attach each shoulder to a chest piece. Shoulders come with adjustable straps that slide up your arm and around your bicep with a snap buckle that is adjustable. All the straps are held in place with binding post (NOT GLUED) for easy removal. I make them in all sizes so just message me. Always feel free to ask questions.