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Maxx Grey Creations

Deathstroke Arkham Origins full armor. Mask not included.

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FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US. THIS IS FOR THE ARMOR ONLY. MASK, STAFF, SWORD, BODY SUIT, GLOVES, AMMO POUCHES, BANDOLIER, BELT NOT INCLUDED. This is a true custom build. Deathstroke Arkham Origins full Armor, Metallic Gunmetal and Fire Orange shown in pics. I have the full listing with the mask listed as well. I have Matte Black and True Orange armor also listed. All of the armor is professionally made out of industrial Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, secured with industrial cement and binding post. It's very durable. All of the armor comes with straps and buckles and is adjustable. The chest comes with straps at the neck and sides. I will work you on measurements for every piece. I will work with you on colors of your choice as well. Feel free to message me with any questions. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US.